Trash Taste Podcast

--- Joey (TheAnimeMan), Garnt (Gigguk), and Connor (CDawgVA) ---

Trash Taste is a highly anticipated anime podcast exploring anime, manga, and otaku culture with top anime YouTubers Joey from the The Anime Man, Garnt from Gigguk, and Connor from Cdawgva and occasionally special guests.
Brought to you by Joey (TheAnimeMan), Garnt (Gigguk), and Connor (CDawgVA) of Trash Taste Podcast

Latest Episodes…

  1. Sitting Down with a Japanese Pornstar (ft. Shibuya Kaho) | Trash Taste #11

    The boys and special guest, Shibuya Kaho, chat and gain her unique perspective from Journalist to JAV. ...


  2. Our Dark Past with Anime YouTube | Trash Taste #10

    Anitubers Joey, Garnt, and Connor talk about their start on YouTube from monkhood to their motivation to create content. ...


  3. Japan's Earthquakes Are Terrifying | Trash Taste #9

    TOURNAMENT ARCCCCC, Music, and megaquakes with Joey, Garnt, and Connor! ...


  4. We Don't Understand Anime Games | Trash Taste #8

    Today Joey, Garnt, and Connor talk about Anime Games and why they don't understand them ...


  5. The Internet Kinda Sucks Right Now | Trash Taste #7

    Today we discuss the pros and cons of being an online personality and why being on the Internet now is scarier than it's ever been before. ...